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Ear Nose Throat

Ears, nose, and throat work together as an intimate trio. That’s why a problem in any one of these areas can take a toll on all of them — discomfort in your nose may affect your throat. But their interconnectedness can also be beneficial — treatments and nutrients that heal or protect one part of the system may transfer over and help the others.

Many people who experience painful or uncomfortable symptoms in their ears, nose, and throat play down those symptoms as an inevitable part of cold and flu or allergy season. Although ENT problems are rarely serious or life-threatening, they can actually be quite debilitating.

Whether it’s your ears that are bothering you (an ear infection or hearing loss, perhaps), your nose that’s the problem (nasal allergies or congestion), your throat that won’t get better (chronic sore throat or strep), or sinus pain that you’ve been struggling with.

At The Pacific Hospital we have such facilities to effectively treat your Ear, Nose, and Throat problems.